Is the School Dance Your Chance?

By Hilda Posted May 12, 2010 under

On the brink of summer, you are probably thinking about getting some sun, planning a vacation, and making the most of the upcoming long weekends. But to the Five Moms, summer means that many teens will be spending more time without adult supervision, and perhaps using this free time to participate in a dangerous behavior like abusing cough medicine.

So as your kids’ sports seasons wrap up and their school dances round out the academic year, take these unique opportunities when you’re around other parents, teachers, school administrators, and athletic coaches to talk about the dangers of OTC cough medicine abuse and how you’ll protect your kids during the summer months. Formalize these conversations by bringing them to the PTA or a parent-teacher conference. Perhaps, petition to make OTC medicine abuse a part of next year’s curriculum.

If you can’t make it to the in-school events, consider offering to help with the school newsletter or write for the website, where you can inform other parents about medicine abuse. These actions help achieve our goal of ensuring that all influential adults who play a role in our teens’ lives know about the dangers of OTC medicine abuse.

Another upside to attending these events is the obvious one – you’re showing your children that you support them; you care; and you’re connected to the educators, coaches, and other parents who they interact with daily.

We encourage you to use the information on the Stop Medicine Abuse site to inform these adults who play a role in your children’s lives. They have a unique line of sight into your teens’ actions while you’re not around and the chances are you’ll learn something during the discussion.

Do you have ways you’ve spread the message about medicine abuse to other parents? Share your advice with and learn from others on the Stop Medicine Abuse Facebook fan page.