If You Ever Needed a Reason to Protect Your Child from Cough Medicine Abuse:

By Hilda Posted July 18, 2007 under

Here is one. With sadness I read this comment on The Sober Recovery forum, a discussion board for people recovering from substance abuse.

I'm 17. I spent 6 months NOT sober. From December 2006 to May 2007 I was doing coke everyday. I was doing DXM everyday. I was smoking weed everyday (multiple times a day)…. drinking every day. I basically didn't want to be alive. Then May 11th I got caught by my mom… sent to my dean at school… tested… and then sent to drug therapy. But I've slipped up 3 times…… since May 11th my mom's caught me drunk. I still say I've been clean for almost 2 months… because I have. But I definitely haven't been sober for my mom's sake…. she doesn't deserve a daughter like me.

You can prevent this from happening to your child. No teenager or parent deserves to have this happen to them. Take action now. Read more about the signs of cough medicine abuse and how to protect your child.