I was Interviewed by NBC in Austin, Texas!

By Hilda Posted June 06, 2007 under

Last week I was interviewed by the local NBC television station KXAN-TV to discuss cough medicine abuse and the Five Moms Campaign and why it is so important for parents to safeguard their medicine. I was excited about the interview and very hopeful that parents in my community in Austin would learn about this dangerous trend. In my interview, I told the host that I was very saddened by cough medicine abuse and that I was just bewildered that a lot of parents didn't know this was going on. Kids are going into their parents' or aunts' or grandmothers' house and going through their medicine cabinets and taking cough medicine by the bottles. I hope that the interview helped parents in Austin learn about cough medicine and how dangerous it is. If you would like to read about my interview, please click here.