I was Interviewed by CBS!

By Christy Posted June 28, 2007 under

I was interviewed by CBS News 4 WTVY in Alabama about the Five Moms Campaign. We discussed my son Ryan, cough medicine abuse, and being a part of the Five Moms. If you didn't get a chance to see my interview, I hope you'll take a moment to read through the related article below that was featured on the station's web site to find out more about cough medicine abuse:

“She says her oldest son is serving a 13-year prison sentence for crimes committed while under the influence of cough medicine and marijuana. It's the active ingredient dextromethorphan that teens are taking, which is found in over-the-counter cough medicines. Christie now knows all too well the signs to look for. She says, You should look for empty bottles, empty containers, empty medicine cabinet; the symptoms are confusion and slurred speech. Christie and four other moms are trying to get the word out to other moms about the growing trend of cough medicine abuse. They want to bring awareness to parents before they end up like Christie's son.”

Click here to read the full article.