How Are You Watching Your Medicine Cabinet This Fall?

By Blaise Posted September 30, 2008 under

Since the summer is gone and fall is settling in, you may have to deal with colds sneaking up on your family. As the seasons change, it's probably more likely that you'll have over-the-counter medicines in your home. Being prepared is always a good thing, but as you stock your medicine cabinet for cold and flu season, take a moment to think about whether you've talked with your kids about the dangers of over-the-counter medicine abuse. How can you keep your kids safe when it comes to preventing cough medicine abuse? For starters, keep a close eye on your family's medicine cabinet. You should always be aware of what kind of medicines you have in your home. If you have never taken an inventory of your medicine cabinet, this week is the perfect time to do it. If you haven't already, gather together and keep all medicines in one place. This gives you just one location to monitor, and makes it easier for you to notice if something's missing. After collecting your medicines, check quantities now so you can keep track of them as the season moves on. There is another important thing you should do to make sure your cabinet is secure this fall: Have a conversation with your kids. Openly explain why you are paying close attention to the medicine cabinet. It will allow you to have an honest conversation about medicine safety. Remind your kids that they should never be taking medicine on their own, and that they can always come to you when they have questions about the right way to take these products. Every season is the right time to talk with your kids about the dangers of cough medicine abuse. Take advantage of the opportunity afforded you by your fall preparations and involve your kids as you work to keep your family healthy this season. Do you have other tips about keeping an eye on your medicine cabinet? Share them with other parents in our community at Gather.