Home at Last!

By Becky Posted May 18, 2007 under

Wow, what a “whirlwind” these last two weeks have been with the launch of the Five Moms Campaign and back-to-back trips to Washington D.C. and, finally, New York City! I could not wait to get home and share my experience with all our Five Moms readers! Our trips to Washington were excellent opportunities to spread our message to the media as well our legislators in Congress. We got to take a tour of the Capitol Building, or, the “Hill” as Washingtonians call it, which was thrilling! I was honored to have the opportunity and talk with representatives from both Senator Brownback's and Senator Roberts' offices and educate them on what the Five Moms Campaign is trying to do to stop cough medicine abuse. Just as we were headed home from our time in Washington, DC, we were asked to appear on the Fox and Friends Morning Show on Saturday, May 12 in New York City. I first thought of my 3 year old son waiting for me and my husband who I was sure had pulled the remaining hairs on his head out, but I knew I could not turn down an opportunity to spread the word about our campaign to thousands more moms across the country. Before hitting the road again, I spent time with my son, did a bit of cleaning and laundry (yes, we Moms never rest!) and embarked on the grueling task of figuring out what to wear on national television. As a Sheriff's Officer who wears a uniform every day my closet is not exactly full of “TV-ready” outfits. Friday morning, I went to find a scarf and broach to wear with my nice white blouse. After purchasing these important accessories, I headed to the Wichita Airport for my trip to New York City. Soon after I arrived in New York I learned that white is not the best color to wear on television. Naturally, I became worried I would look like a ghost on the show! Thankfully, the other moms were there to reassure me that it would all be fine. New York City was both an amazing and intimidating experience for me. Never before had I felt like such a small person in such a big place! The next morning we appeared on Fox and Friends, which was about 4-5 minutes long. Everyone did a great job, but I have yet to see the tape to be the final judge of how well I was able to answer my questions and if my outfit looked alright! All in all, it was another great opportunity that allowed us to talk about cough medicine abuse, and hopefully inspire more unsuspecting Moms to sit down and talk with their children. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!