Finding a Way to Talk About It

By Julie Posted May 15, 2008 under

There are two important parts to talking with kids about cough medicine abuse. The first is becoming educated on the issue. We at the Five Moms are doing all we can to provide the latest information right here online. The second step, however, may be the more difficult: Armed with the facts, we must all have a frank conversation with our kids, and continue that conversation long-term.

A recent study shows that 83 percent of parents feel they are prepared to talk with their kids about cough medicine abuse. And that’s great news. The same research, though, indicates that only 21 percent of parents have had the conversation.

It’s up to us as parents to teach our kids the right times and the wrong times to take medicines. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen is finding “teachable moments,” or those everyday opportunities when you can include the dangers of drug abuse in a conversation. For great examples of these moments, check out the Parent Tool Kit at Time to Talk (free registration required).