Cough Medicine Abuse in New Hampshire

By Blaise Posted February 19, 2008 under

A recent incident I heard about in Bedford, New Hampshire reminded me that we cannot stop educating parents about the dangers of abuse. According to the Union Leader in New Hampshire, three high school students were sent to the hospital after overdosing on over-the-counter cold medicine last week. The students are now facing potential suspension. Chances are, it is not just these students in the article, the principal said that the school custodian was finding an increasing number of cough medicine bottles in the trash. Take a moment to read more about how cough medicine abuse affected this community. Then, think about ways you can prevent it in your neighborhood. Remember our motto at Five Moms: Educate yourself on how over-the-counter drug abuse can affect your family and spread the word to family and friends. Staying informed is a great way to protect your kids' health and education.