Connecting With Your Kids

By Christy Posted October 17, 2007 under

We moms lead hectic lives, so I wanted to start a discussion at Five Moms on Gather about how we connect with our kids during the busy school year. Please share your experiences with one another so we can all benefit from our collective “mom wisdom.” Here are a few of my thoughts about talking with my kids about cough medicine abuse: An effective conversation should be based on a foundation of communication, honesty, and trust. These are three of the most important things that the Five Moms have emphasized over the past few months. Here are some simple ways you can apply them:

  • Communicate: Whether it is over a family meal or just a moment in the car before school, every chance to connect with your child is crucial. Your children will not know how you feel about cough medicine abuse or that you are even aware it exists if you don't tell them!
  • Be Honest: Your kids will not always be asking textbook questions, so you should be prepared with more than textbook answers. Respond honestly to foster an open environment in which you and your kids can have a conversation instead of a lecture.
  • Trust: Emphasize that the reason you want to discuss cough medicine abuse with your children is to help them make the right decisions. Be willing to trust your kids because when they are presented with choices on whether to do drugs or not, you may not be around. Let trust be built through your communication and honesty. Every parent has tips and tricks that work best for them. Share your advice by posting a comment to the discussion at Five Moms on Gather!