Celebrating The Most Important Women in Our Lives

By Becky Posted May 22, 2014 under Personal Stories

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but that does not mean we should stop celebrating the women that hold an extra special place in our hearts. In honor of Mother’s Day – and every day – a few of the Five Moms wanted to take a moment to reflect and honor the most important woman in each of our lives.

“My mom is the person I admire most and try to emulate in my own life, although I fall woefully short of this goal. She is the most selfless person I know. She is always looking to see how she might help others and when she does so, it is with little fanfare or need for recognition. If I am struggling with something related to my own kids, she never reminds me that she’s already gone through the phase or minimizes it with a platitude of how it will get better. She listens with concern and empathy, making me feel like she is always in my corner and standing by to assist. I often wonder how she makes this seem so effortless, when in truth it feels so challenging. My dad once told me that I will be a success in life if I turn out to be half the woman my mother is. I think I have made it half way but I have so very far to go!” – Christy Crandell

“My mom is the most important and most influential mother-figure in my life. She is the woman that I admire, and try to immolate. I admire her strength and her ability to rise above any situation or circumstance. I love that she has a giving heart and she is very compassionate when it comes to those who are unable to help themselves. The main lesson that my mother instilled in my head is that there will be times in life that will be very hard, and in those times I will want to give up or give in, but she said always say to myself, “I can, I will and I must make it through whatever hardships come my way.”  Whenever I have wanted to give in or give up, it was her voice in my head that helped me persevere, continue to strive and remain happy.” – Blaise Brooks

“The most influential woman in my life is my mother. There are many reasons why I admire my mother, but the one thing that stands out is her ability to fight through adversity and difficult times. All throughout my life she has been a positive example on how to make it through tough or sad times. My mother has always been a supportive figure in my life as I passed from adolescence to adulthood. Whether it was high school athletics or my professional life, she has always been a motivator and has taught me to stand up for myself and to believe in myself. I love her for being a positive role model as a human being and as a loving mother.  Both qualities I hope to exhibit to my own children.” – Becky Dyer

Your turn! Take a moment to share your story in the comments below. What exactly makes the most important woman in your life so special?