Back to the Basics

By Blaise Posted January 16, 2008 under

The Five Moms are now into their eighth month on the job, but that doesn't mean we still don't have new members joining us regularly. Thanks to you and your continuing efforts to tell your friends, we gain new parents committed to fighting cough medicine abuse every week. Since we always have new visitors, I thought I would remind you about the great resources you can find here at the Five Moms, even if it is just serving as a refresher:

  • The education center. It is packed with brochures, a parent's guide, and resources to get support or help identify the signs of abuse.
  • The Five Moms video. In this one-minute video, you can get a great overview of why we are here and what we are fighting.
  • The Gather discussion page. A great place to meet and talk with other parents about raising your kids and talking to them about cough medicine abuse.
  • Download, wear it and share it. Buttons, stickers, labels, and door hangers; print some out and spread them around!

And of course, maybe our most important section: Don't forget to tell your friends!