Around My Community

By Christy Posted February 20, 2008 under

One of the ways I have brought the message about cough medicine abuse to my community is helping with programs dedicated to educating parents on substance abuse. I am really excited to be speaking at a series of talks about teen drug and alcohol abuse in a few weeks for my local school district. I will be focusing on several different topics, including how teenagers are abusing over-the-counter medicine to get high. You don't have to speak at events to help the fight against this dangerous behavior. There are other ways to join the cause. Something I am doing that you can do is bring paper copies of the Five Moms brochures that we have available on the web site to any gathering of fellow parents and community leaders you attend. Next time you go to a PTA meeting or other community event, bring a few copies and help us tell as many parents as possible. The best way to stop this substance abuse problem is to make sure as many parents as possible are aware of it.