Amherst Bulletin Writes About Five Moms

By Julie Posted June 26, 2007 under

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by my local paper the Amherst Bulletin about the Five Moms Campaign. I'm so glad that I can help tell the parents in my community about cough medicine abuse. Thanks to all of the Five Moms supporters in Amherst! Here is an excerpt from the article by Phyllis Lehrer:

“I saw it [cough medicine abuse] a few years ago. I didn't know what was going on as a health provider. Then I heard so many kids were doing it, one in 10, I had no idea it was so prevalent. If I didn't know then parents wouldn't know. Parents are clueless, said Bermant, who works for Baystate Medical Center at the school-based health center in Central High School in Springfield. Bermant became involved because she knew one of the people behind the campaign. “And as a mom I was interested,” said Bermant, the mother of a pre-teen daughter.

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