A Step Back

By Julie Posted March 25, 2008 under

Let's step back, and take a breath for a moment. The life of a parent is filled with schedules, responsibilities, stresses, and challenges. It's sometimes worthwhile to take some time and reflect on the good stuff in life, and the good things we all do. I like to do this sometimes with our Five Moms site. We have so many resources here for parents to get educated and protect their kids from cough medicine abuse. We even have a place for people to go on Gather to discuss what we write here. And for those who stand out and go above and beyond, we have our Five Moms All-Star contest. I encourage you to take a minute when you're feeling overwhelmed and look at some of the good things you've done or times you've helped your kids. Your kids are better off for your efforts and it's good to remind yourself that you are making a difference in keeping your kids healthy and safe.