A Short To-Do List

By Becky Posted October 31, 2007 under

I want to tell you about a web site I came across that I found to be both interesting and honest. CheckYourself.com is a site that allows teens to face the facts about drugs and the consequences of drug abuse. One part of the site really stood out to me: a message board where teens are encouraged to share their “Moments of Truth.” Many of these statements come from kids who have already said no to drugs. There are a few stories, though, from teens who realize that their drug abuse has gone too far. Here is an example of what one wrote:

My parents had no idea what i was up to. . . . I took 80 pills… I thought i was going to die that night. My mom found me lying on top of her car at midnight. I was rushed to the hospital again. Now, 3 weeks later. My brain hurts real bad, my body aches… A sip of alcohol would be bad for me. And when i try to think it hurts a lot, like a fuzzy feeling but painful. I'm lucky to be alive. Never try Cough Medicine.

To read more first-hand accounts from teenagers, click here. Hopefully their stories will give you inspiration to talk with your child. Share the web site with your teens, so they can read for themselves other teens' personal stories about the dangers of drug abuse.