A Five Moms Face Lift

By Becky Posted June 02, 2008 under

Over the last year, we have posted almost 200 different articles with facts, tips, and resources that you can tap into to help fight cough medicine abuse. This blog has been a great outlet to talk about news, research, and ways to combat this dangerous habit.

Soon, you will see a whole new Five Moms web site. The new site will feature articles from one of us every few weeks about what we are doing in our fight against cough medicine abuse. We will continue to keep you informed of what is going on around the country, but also share our personal experiences in this new forum.

Each of us at Five Moms has a different story that has led us to becoming an active part of this important community. This campaign has affected all five of us, and we want to show you the personal side of the things we have done.

Don’t worry: The same resources will still be here, too. You can rely on us for information about the habit of cough medicine abuse and brochures and pamphlets to download and share. And, of course, you will still be able to Tell Your Friends and show them what you’ve learned.

We’re excited about our new look, so make sure to check it out!