A Few Good Moms (and Dads)

By Julie Posted January 16, 2008 under

We want to kick off 2008 with a bang. What better way than to pose a challenge to all of you? As you may have seen in your e-mail boxes in the past week, we are spending the first part of this year searching for the Five Moms All-Stars. Who are the All-Stars? They are the parents who have made spreading awareness of cough medicine abuse a priority. Wherever they may be, we want to find them, recognize them, and give them some great prizes out of gratitude. Did you or a friend do something unique or creative to help get the message of the Five Moms out? Go over to the contest page where you can nominate yourself or a friend. Each month for the next five months, we will have a new winner. That's five deserving neighbors who get a great prize package (including an iPod Touch!) and the opportunity to share their story here at Five Moms. And don't forget to sign up for Five Moms e-mails to stay updated on the All-Stars. It's the best way to find out everything you can about some of our most active members.