LeeAnn Weniger-Mandrillo

I am the mother of my young son, James and raised my nephew Andrew (who is now 23). As a social marketing and media leader, I have worked in prevention for over 15 years, with the past 7 directly in educating parents and adolescents about substance abuse, tobacco and alcohol. I am the owner and principal director of LMC solutions where I enterprise social marketing, social media, and health promotion outreach, research and campaigns. My passion for healthy families and communities, social justice, and empowering individuals fuels my insatiable drive.

From my professional and personal experiences, I know that not all alcohol or drug use leads to addiction, making it so dangerous because nobody thinks it will happen to them, until it does. The risk of addiction is greater when drug use begins as a teen, no matter who you are. Especially when easy to access items, like cough medicines are available right in their home. Couple this with little to no education provided to parents or adolescents about its dangers, cough medicine is often the first drug kids experiment with and potential abuse. The substances that have the least stigma can have the deadliest of consequence, which is why we need to talk openly and often about DXM and cough medicine abuse.