October 01, 2007 —

The Metlife Foundation, which supports educational, health, and civic and cultural organizations, has teamed up with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America to produce educational radio messages for parents. These radio spots broadcast in English and Spanish; will stress the importance of talking to kids about drugs and alcohol; and importantly, encourage parents to stay involved in their children’s lives to keep them safe and drug-free. According to Sibyl Johnson of the Metlife Foundation:

"By talking with . . . teens about the dangers of drug abuse, parents can help them live healthy drug-free lives. This campaign underscores the risks of drug use and reinforces the influence that parents can have.”

The messages in English will air on radio stations in New York; Boston; Chicago; Philadelphia; St. Louis; Hartford/New Haven; Providence; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; and Pittsburgh. In Miami, New York, and Chicago, the radio messages also will air in Spanish.

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